How to Master Professional Magic Tricks

How to Master Professional Magic Tricks in 4 Easy Steps

Anyone can perform professional magic tricks; all it takes is courage and commitment. Most magicians can truthfully say that the majority of tricks in their bag are relatively easy to perform, yet the real work is done offstage with hours of practice. Many professional magic tricks are based on scientific principles and learning what makes them work goes a long way in making a better performance.

Whether you want to make a lasting name for yourself, or if you just want to be the life of the next party, here are a few keys tips to developing a set of professional magic tricks.

1) Learn Each Trick Completely

If you are a beginner, learn simple tricks first. The procedures for doing magic tricks can be found online or even in books from your local library. Even though tricks may be classified as easy, study and memorize every step. This will be good training for you when you advance to more difficult tricks. Get into the habit of learning each trick completely; this is a good first step to performing professional quality magic tricks.

2) Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes, practising is the hardest part. We all want to immediately work in front of an audience to hear their applause and gasps of wonder. But to get the accolades, you must first do the time. Practice your magic tricks before a mirror, or videotape yourself for a play by play account. Practising is never a waste of time.

Each minute brings you closer to your goal of performing professional magic tricks. When you watch your performance, either in a mirror or on videotape, you can spot any mistakes or actions that should be corrected. Practising is the best way to progress.

3) Zero in on Details

Once you get the hang of a few tricks and understand the basics of magic, you may think you can relax a bit. Not so. Magic tricks, even the simple ones, have details that can't be overlooked.

Every magician knows that their entire performance may hinge on the smallest of details. Never look for a shortcut; there are none in magic. Professional magic tricks succeed because the magician considers every step and detail to be equally important.

4) Simplicity Equals Success

Here is an amazing and totally true though: Most magic tricks are incredibly simple. Of course, professionals want their magic tricks to confound and astound, but the reality is that these illusions are based on easy to learn principles. Sometimes, most of the magic is in the magician's performance, rather than the trick itself. Many tricks that are currently seen in shows today are actually hundreds of years old. This testifies to the magician's everlasting ability to entertain and to the audience's never-ceasing wonder.

To perform professional magic tricks, first, develop a professional attitude and then practice until your skills are of professional quality. Remember that a professional is merely someone who has studied and mastered his subject. In the case of magic, anyone can reach this level with a determined commitment and a desire to be the best they can be. Before going onstage, repeatedly practice your act offstage. And then listen to the applause that you will conjure up!
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